FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the content of CD IELTS and paper – based IELTS is the same. The question types, content and the level of exam is exactly the same in CD IELTS and paper – based IELTS.
Yes, IELTS dates are easily available. For the pen and paper – based exam, you have 2-4 dates available in a month, whereas for computer – delivered IELTS, you have dates available every week that too on different time slots in a day.
The result for CD IELTS exam is available online after 3- 5 days of taking the test.
CD IELTS and paper- based IELTS both are of same level. The test format, question types, time allocated to each test part and content is the same for both pen and paper based IELTS and computer – delivered IELTS.
Talking about the Listening test, you hear different kinds of voices in the Listening test. Any accent can be there in the Listening test, be it British, American, or North American. Different kinds of speakers have varying styles of communication. In Speaking test, any accent can be heard, be it American or British. As long as it is understandable, every accent is fine.
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions