IELTS Listening

IELTS Listening Test Format & Scoring Criteria

IELTS Listening in the IELTS exam is for approximately 40 minutes in case of Pen and paper based IELTS exam and approximately for 32- 34 minutes in the Computer – delivered IELTS exam. This variation is due to the 10 minutes transfer time that the students get in pen and paper based exam whereas they do not get any transfer time in computer delivered IELTS exam, only 2 minutes at the end of the Listening test to cross check the answers. The track is played for 30-32 minutes in both the cases, whether the students opt for pen and paper based IELTS exam or Computer – delivered IELTS exam.

There is no negative marking in the Listening test. There are four sections or parts as they are called with increasing level of difficulty. The first section is a Conversation between two people, second is a Speech, third a Discussion amongst three to four people and fourth section comprises of a Lecture delivered by an individual on a specific topic.

Each section has 10 questions each so that the total comes out to be 40. The Listening module in the IELTS exam tests how good a listener you are and how well you can manage your time and concentration to score well in the IELTS Listening exam.

You should attempt the Listening module with full attention and focus, as if you lose your focus even for 10 seconds, it will lead to missing out on answers. Listening module in the IELTS exam comprises of 2 major question types mainly Fill ups and MCQs. In case of Fill ups, there will be a word count limit and in case of MCQs, the students have to choose the correct alphabet which will be the answer. You can face problems in understanding the accent and applying the right techniques and this is where we at IELTS Coaching Online come into picture to help the students learn the right strategies to score well in the IELTS Listening exam.

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