IELTS Reading

IELTS Reading Test Format & Scoring Criteria

Reading in the IELTS exam is for 60 minutes. It comprises of three sections, and there are a total of 40 questions. There is no negative marking.

Tips to be followed while attempting IELTS Reading are as follows –

  • Focus on improving your English and Reading instead of focusing on IELTS readings. Practice skills associated with reading like skimming and scanning, along with close reading. Develop these skills well before taking the test.
  • Look out for the synonyms and comparison words in your text. Identify the key words, as the exact words will not be there in the passage, always look out for the synonyms and other similar words while scanning.
  • There is no transfer time so write the answers directly on the answer sheet.
  • Manage your time efficiently, and divide time equally for all the three sections. Do not get stuck with one question and take a guess if you do not find the correct answer.
  • Answer on the basis of the information given in the passage. Do not answer on the basis of your own knowledge.
  • Read the instructions carefully, follow the word limit given in case of fill ups, answer is True/ False/ Not Given or Yes/ No/ Not Given, as per what the question says.
  • Practice well before giving the final exam. Practice plays an important role, so practice well so that you reach a consistent score.
  • Do not read the entire passage. Skim instead and make a note of the keywords for locating the answer.
  • Practice is definitely the key to crack IELTS Reading. Practice all the question types and try different strategies to see what works best for you. Identify your problem areas and then see which strategy works for you so that you can get better scores.
  • Follow the order of the questions on the paper, so that you do not get confused while answering the questions.
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