Describe a time when you observed the stars | Free IELTS Mock

Describe a time when you observed the stars | Free IELTS Mock

Describe a time when you observed the stars | Free IELTS Mock

When you observed the stars?

Where and with whom you went?

I like to look at the sky and enjoy the twinkling stars, they look like they are narrating a story, a story which tells about life beyond earth. In my childhood days, whenever I went to stay at my granny’s place, they had a trend of sleeping in the open air, basically on the terrace so that they could feel the fresh air and be away from air conditioners. This terrace was beautifully decorated with many plants and some folding beds so that everyone could sleep comfortably and I always loved it as I could get the chance to observe stars for a longer time this way.

Normally, I was accompanied in this activity by my cousin Saniya and she was the best writer, her flair for writing fairy tales was just amazing.

What did you observe?

We observed the moving stars and the way they were arranging themselves in different geometrical shapes, probably that was more of our imagination, I don’t remember much, we also saw the meteor and as there was a belief in some of our friends, that if you see a meteor and wish something, you get it very quickly, so as we saw the meteor both of us immediately wished for a foreign trip.

And explain how you felt when you saw the stars.

In those days, observing a meteor made our nights the most beautiful as we continuously urged ourselves to see that. Also, as we could make our own silly figures out of the stars and then pen down our feelings in the form of a story, it made us feel as though we were the top-rated writers, and none could create like us. However, those were some good golden days of life, as childhood never comes back.

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