Describe a park or garden in your town

Describe a park or garden in your town | IELTS Cue Card | IELTS Coaching Online

Describe a park or garden in your town

where it is?

Visiting parks and gardens has always fascinated me and the beauty they have in them always inspires me to live a better life daily. One of my favourite parks near my home is the community centre park and it is too big with a lot of amenities inside it. Lush green plants and trees add colours to its natural beauty.

what it looks like?

There are beautiful flowery plants planted inside the park by the government and is very well maintained. Not just the regular plants of the spring season, the park also has a side full of organic kitchen garden which is maintained by the local society people. The other side of the park has swings, sea-saw and slides  for the younger children to enjoy and have fun and the last part of the park has a big gym area where people can work and maintain their fitness in the natural environment. Its a huge place where people also practice playing cricket and badminton too. I am sure the park has more than 1500 trees and birds keep chirping there and spread so much positivity.

what people do there?

People usually go there for a morning and evening walk, ladies enjoy the kitchen garden and the organic food that they get, children from their young age till the time they grow enjoy playing several games, running and gyming. People prefer this place as it rejuvenates them and takes away all the anxieties they suffer in their daily routines.

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