Describe a place you visited on vacation.

Describe a place you visited on vacation
Describe a place you visited on vacation

As it goes, either you are a mountain person or a beach person. I love to travel, infact it is one of my hobbies, whether it is friends or family, I love to visit new places and travel. Interacting with new people is one thing I like about travelling, knowing their culture, exchanging knowledge and trying new cuisines.
Last month I went to Manali with my family. It was a vacation long due. Finally, there was a long weekend and we decided to go to Manali. Going to Manali was my husband’s idea as he loves to travel to mountains. Also, we had been planning for a long time but were unable to go as there was something or the other coming up. So we decided to go there as the month of February is a good time to go there. The weather is cold and pleasant.

We went to the famous mall road there, it had so many outlets and we chose the selected few that one of our relatives had told us. For hot chocolate we went to Chic Chocolate café, then there was this café which served exquisite cuisines. It had amazing décor and ambience, a very lively one. It was named eleven eleven and had live music which was being played. We walked for 1 km from our hotel to reach this place. It was amazing to be there. Then there was this famous shop there for artifacts and we got 2 very beautiful ones from there.

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