Describe an exciting book that you enjoy reading
Describe an exciting book that you enjoy reading
Books are a man’s best friend. They broaden one’s horizon by giving them new insights. They provide knowledge about the outside world, and one can easily be introduced to the world of imagination and other related skills from where they can learn and grow. I am person who likes to read books on philosophy and psychology. There is this book on psychology ‘The Happiness Hypothesis’ by a very famous psychologist that I started reading last to last week. It talks about how one can be happy in each and every situation. It has different chapters on how should an individual organize his/ her day to be able to keep aside free time yet fulfil all his/ her duties. The book has intricate details of how happiness is different for different people, the youngsters, the adults and how every situation is tackled differently by different set of people.
This book is a must read for anyone who is curious to know about the functioning of human beings when they are happy and their specific reactions. It is a very exciting book as it tells us various phases of happiness, how does the human mind works, the hormones it releases when one is happy, sad, concerned and so on. It is a good 455 pages book and has a lot of illustrations as well which makes it all the more interesting. I really liked the way the depiction exactly matches the content. Indeed, it is an amazing one.

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