Should young people be free to choose their job or be more realistic. What is your opinion? | IELTS Task 2 | IELTS Essay | IELTS Coaching Online

There has always been a raging debate if young people should have the free to choose their job or be more practical in their approach. In my opinion both the aspects should be taken into consideration while deciding the career path.

It has often been observed that when youngsters are given the opportunity to explore and make their decisions they have a greater sense of control. They take the required initiatives to fulfil their ambition. Most often, they go the extra mile and take the necessary pain to realise their dreams. However, it may be pointed out not all are pragmatic in their approach and often have unrealistic dreams and suffer in the long run. Youngsters are often lured by external factors and activities they enjoy while making career choices.

While it is important to consider what one is passionate about or in what areas one is good at. Practicality is a smart thing to pick in regards to income and sometimes skill. Students want to pursue a career that aligns with their value, interests or passion but that is not always possible. Realistic considerations like a steady income is integral to general well-being in the long run. It reduces  stress, worry and anxiety which otherwise results in health implications and adversely affects family life and social standing .

Therefore, as evident from the above points, one needs to narrow down one’s choices and do a thorough research in order to make the best career choice for future.

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