Some people say it is manufacturer’s & supermarket’s responsible

Some people say it is manufacturer’s and supermarket’s responsibility to reduce the amount of packaging of products they sell and others say it is the consumer’s responsibility to avoid buying products with too much packaging. | IELTS Task 2 | IELTS Essay | IELTS Coaching Online

Manufacturers and supermarkets are the ‘go to’ organisations to fulfil the needs of the citizens of a country. They play a vital role in producing the Gross Domestic Product as well as Per Capita Income in a country. But as a very famous idiom quotes, with great power comes great responsibility.

Now, when a nation has given so much power to a single sector, it must foresee its responsibilities and act maturely. Plastic has been a constant and an inevitable threat to the environment. Hence, the manufacturers must cut down its usage as they might be responsible for the health of a number of countrymen and even their own families. Cutting a cause from the root helps in greater and effective implementation. When the supply of a product decreases in the market, people get to buy less of it and hence lead to a pollution free state.

But, blaming the suppliers for all the ills is not justifiable either. We all are responsible for the deteriorating environment and the day is not too far when it will be annihilated completely. Each and every person on this planet is responsible. We must not forget that ‘We have not inherited this planet from our forefathers but have borrowed it from our children.’ The man has become so selfish that it has turned out to be a threat to the nature keepers as well. Belonging to a nation like India, where the father of our nation, talked about the three principles which are, not to see, hear and watch the evil, we must add the fourth one, that is, not to buy the evil.

Consumers are considered to be the kings of the market and the producers can easily get away with the blame by claiming that they produce what the consumers demand. And since the consumers constitute the larger section of the society, if we stand unitedly against the ill practice of unnecessary usage of life harming chemicals, which take years to decompose, we can help the nature breathe.

Apparently, due to lack of demand, the producers will have to slowly but gradually, cut down the production of unwanted chemicals from our mother Earth.

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